Chicago Glass Blocks

Hello, and welcome to the official website of Chicago Glass Blocks.

We’re proud to be your leading source for Glass Block products, including windows, walls and shower walls.

Chicago Glass Blocks is conveniently located in Chicago off of I-55 on Central Avenue, across the street from Midway Airport. Feel free to pull right into our material yard when you arrive. The main office is located right through the red door. Here you can find our showroom for the various types of glass blocks we offer. Our shop is also equipped with many different concrete, masonry, and sewer supplies. For a list of the products we offer, check out the ‘Our Products’ section of our website.

Glass Blocks can be used to add elegance, style, and security to your home. The different patterns in the glass blocks allow for different effects. Some blocks let in more light while others provide more privacy. Call today for more information on the best style for you.

We give free estimates on any installation or work needed!

Enjoy your visit to Chicago Glass Blocks. We look forward to serving you!